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The name says:Anhui Yuetian Special Axle Co., Ltd
Mob: 18315585388
Email:[email protected]
Address:Hanshan Industrial Park(Lintou Town)
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Anhui Yuetian company is an automotive parts manufacturing  company, with annual production capacity of 30 million auto parts, companies in strict accordance with ISO / TS16949 Quality Management System.

The company covers an area of 85,000 square meters , production building area of 40,000 square meters, there are a variety of large-scale processing equipment, precision machining equipment and testing equipment, with a number of CNC production lines and automated production assembly line, provide equipment support and quality assurance for the mass production and processing of different types of products. technology Center is strive to provide personalized design for customers, to meet customer requirements for different products.

"First-class quality, reasonable price, personalized service," Yuetian company has consistently uphold the philosophy, meet customer specific requirements is always through corporate philosophy, the company's "yuetian" brand has been recognized by many customers and praise with domestic and international marketing.

No best only better”, Anhui Yuetian company will be a new attitude, a new idea of creating a modern and harmonious enterprise.

Invite all friends to Hanshan and feel Baochan spectacular, Yuetian will create brilliant with you.


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